A girl waiting for Windows 11 update

Windows 11 ISO Download

Windows 11 DownloadGood News for Computer and Laptop users. Download Windows 11 ISO files 64 bit and 32 bit now. Complete Setup Guide is also available on youtube.To download Windows 11 you have to click the link given below.Computers can now be seen in almost every aspect of modern life. It now seems to be …

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Website Traffic increasing tips

How to Increase Traffic of Website

How to Increase Traffic on a WebsiteMaking a website involves a lot of processes from designing the site, maintaining it, choosing a good web hosting company to increase its traffic.Increasing the amount of traffic to your website is extremely important.It helps your website in achieving a higher ranking than competitors as well as increasing revenue. …

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Jio Phone Next Price in India

New Jio Phone – Jio Phone NextThe JioPhone Next is the latest phone in the Jio smartphone series. JioPhone Next is a low-cost phone that will be released in the market.Pre-orders for phones in India will begin early next week. Reliance Jio and Google worked on the phones that will be available.Jio Phone Next FeaturesReliance …

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Processor history in Hindi

What is Processor in Hindi | Processor meaning in Hindi

प्रोसेसर क्या है, यह कैसे काम करता है?किसी भी इलेक्ट्रोनिक उपकरण का सबसे प्रमुख भाग प्रोसेसर होता है। इसके वजह से ही इलेक्ट्रॉनिक सर्किट गणना (Calculation) करता है।वास्तव में प्रोसेसर एक इंटिग्रेटेड इलेक्ट्रॉनिक सर्किट हैं जो कम्प्यूटर की गणना संबंधित कार्य करता है। एक प्रोसेसर अरिथमेटिकल (Arithmetical), लॉजिकल, (इनपुट/आउटपुट(आई/ओ) और अन्य आवश्यक निर्देशों इत्यादि सभी …

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Cuelinks Review

Cluelinks Review India 2021To start affiliate marketing, you must have a blog/website. It is not a difficult process to create a website. However, it takes time to create quality content.You must join a affiliate marketplace once you have a blog. So many are available. Cuelinks is one such affiliate marketplace we will be discussing today.Are …

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EarnKaro review 2021

EarnKaro Review

EarnKaro Review 2021EarnKaro, which is supported by Mr. Ratan Tata, enables you earn money by posting offers and deals from popular online sites such as Flipkart, Ajio, TataCliq, Myntra, and hundreds of others.Simply copy the link from one of its partner shopping sites, paste it into EarnKaro, and share it with your friends and family.Ideal …

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Adsense Policy Violations

Adsense Policy Violations

Top 9 Adsense Ads Violations One of the most popular ways to monetise your website is through Google Adsense.However, there are simply too many variables in work, such as relevance, traffic, CTR, and more, that must be taken into account in order to make money.You should also double-check that you’re following the rules to the Adsense. …

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AI latest trends | AI current trends

Insert Image Artificial Intelligence trends 2021While the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on many areas of business, it had little bearing on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our daily life.In fact, it will become clear that self-teaching algorithms and intelligent robots will play a vital role in the ongoing struggle against this epidemic, …

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Pegasus malware

How to detect Pegasus Spyware

the PrintWhat is Pegasus softwarePegasus first made headlines in 2019 when some journalists and activists found that the spyware had hacked their phones. Table of Contents 1What is Pegasus softwareHow does Pegasus hack a phone?Who needs to be concerned about Pegasus?How to detect Pegasus Spyware?How to get rid of Pegasus Spyware?Points to Remember About Pegasus: …

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