July 2021

Adsense Policy Violations

Adsense Policy Violations

Top 9 Adsense Ads Violations One of the most popular ways to monetise your website is through Google Adsense.However, there are simply too many variables in work, such as relevance, traffic, CTR, and more, that must be taken into account in order to make money.You should also double-check that you’re following the rules to the Adsense. […]

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Pegasus malware

How to detect Pegasus Spyware

the PrintWhat is Pegasus softwarePegasus first made headlines in 2019 when some journalists and activists found that the spyware had hacked their phones. Table of Contents 1What is Pegasus softwareHow does Pegasus hack a phone?Who needs to be concerned about Pegasus?How to detect Pegasus Spyware?How to get rid of Pegasus Spyware?Points to Remember About Pegasus:

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alternatives for google adsense

Best Alternatives of AdSenseDespite Google AdSense being the most popular ad network for publishers just looking to start with ad monetization, ‘AdSense alternatives’ has been a common search topic.If you’re new to ad technology, it’s best to start with AdSense to have a good understanding of the basics.Many bloggers don’t get approved by adsense then

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Amazon Affiliate programme signup

how to be an affiliate for amazon

Amazon Affiliate Program: How to Become an Amazon AssociateAmazon is one of the world’s largest retailers. In fact, it responsible for roughly 40% of all online sales in the United States alone.Anyone can earn a percent of Amazon’s profits if they have a website or social media presence and enroll for the Amazon affiliate program.Amazon

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A girl is confused whether domain or subdomain is best

pros and cons of subdomains

What is a SubdomainIf you’re thinking whether a new domain or subdomain is better for you, It’s important to note that we all know what’s really going on.A subdomain is a directory on a primary domain that works independently of the main domain, whereas a new domain is a whole other website.The www in www.blogstrends.com

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