How to Increase Traffic of Website

Website Traffic increasing tips

How to Increase Traffic on a Website

Making a website involves a lot of processes from designing the site, maintaining it, choosing a good web hosting company to increase its traffic.

Increasing the amount of traffic to your website is extremely important.

It helps your website in achieving a higher ranking than competitors as well as increasing revenue. However, many website owners today are unaware how to improve their site's traffic.

This article is intended to help those people who are seeking higher traffic for their website.



Blogs took the internet by storm and initially weren't really considered a money-making medium.

Fact is, anybody who did use advertising on them was looked down on by fellow bloggers.

Given time, a marketing genius came out with a program that would now only allow blogs to make money on their auto-pilot but post articles with no over-site.

What is it, however, that makes blogging so profitable and how do they make money? First of all, understand the internet browser's mindset--people look to the internet for information.

A blog is a perfect way to get out that info. So what's the advantage of a blog? For one, search engines just love blogs. It's easy to attract Google, MSN, and Yahoo spiders.

This is pretty much a no-brainer--no search engine love=no traffic. A blog is a great way to get your information and products "out there". People looking for a particular item will be directed to your website. Yes, it's that easy.

Now it's up to you, make up your mind to do this. This put aside 50 minutes of your time, learn the process, set up a few free blog practice accounts at WordPress and get moving.

Make that first sell, you'll be addicted to blogging. Use Hosting providers such as A2 Hosting as they are one of the fastest web hosting providers in the industry.

Provide the information and products people are looking for, review new things, you'll have steady customers, money in hand. they will be clicking on your advertising. It's simple yet powerful.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing

Web 2.0's latest blessing is social media networking. From the early days of the web when Usenet groups and other such IRC chat rooms were available and the internet was comprised of mainly text links.

It was never considered that social media could be a potential source of marketing for online businesses and organizations.

It has become a norm these days for every business to at least have some decent social media networking. Web 2.0 is quite different from Web 1.0 in the sense that it offers greater opportunities for people to interact ad share their thoughts.

Personal and professional social media has evolved recently including the most popular Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other such sites.

They have regularly gained popularity among the web users mainly for the chances of enhanced interactivity and a greater scope for businesses to reach out to their potential customers.

Actually, if we take a look at the very idea of social networking, we would come to know of a surprising fact.

This surprising fact is that this medium is so popular because the customers can now easily share their views about a specific product and/ or service and can know about the views of others.

Apart from getting to know each other, social media networking servers are the basic need of every company.

It gives them a personal level of marketing experience where they can not only advertise their products and services but can also know about the user feedback.

Think of a social networking site as an open discussion where everyone can join in. This level of freedom was previously imaginable in Web 1.0's static and stale environment.

Let us assume a situation where you are offering a few of the products and services.

You can directly create a fan base of followers who will link to you and will automatically cause a media hype about your products and services. 

To keep your fan base, you can offer them a lot of fun and interactivity so that the word of mouth magic works for you.

Online Forums:

Online Forum

The reason why online forums are so popular is that you really get to learn from many other marketers who have been doing online business for a long time.

If you are a new Internet Marketer you can easily search in Google to find out which are the best forums to join.

Try to join a few good forums with very active members and participate actively in all their discussions.

In a short time, you will most likely get many visits from the forum members to check up on your website and to find out more about you.

It is important to make yourself stand out among the crowd in these forums. If you consistently show others that you are helpful, and an expert in your own right, it can help build your reputation as a trustworthy marketer.

Create a discussion forum on your website – Long-tail keywords can be quickly ranked on an active forum.

They also help you develop a community while reducing your bounce rate and increasing time on site.

Sign up for Quora, medium etc. - Join these forums and give fantastic helpful answers to people's questions, along with a link back to your site with more useful ideas.

Visit other people's blogs on the topic connected to your website and leave comments. The majority of blogs allow you to leave comments on the topics being discussed.

Leave insightful comments on the blog topics, as well as a link to your website. Your remark, as well as your link, will be archived on the blog's website constantly.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing in Hindi

When establishing a well-run email marketing program, there are several things to remember if one wants to stay on the top of their game.

First, using an effective email marketing program will supercharge productivity.

Continuous emails sent to customers will increase knowledge of the brand that is being promoted, as well as send streams of information that will be locked into the reader's mind.

Relationship building is a key element in email marketing, especially when tapping into a cold market. When the sender delivers emails to the consumers, trust is developed as the consumer makes buying decisions.

In each email, see what works and what attracts the reader's attention. In addition, being creative and offering unique solutions for a certain brand are important in building email marketing lists.

Online tools are something else needed to bring about a strong email marketing program. The use of blogs and ebooks will help, as will offering link exchanges, built right into an email.

Reading through forums related to a certain product will increase understanding of customer wants and needs.

Something else that requires a bit of time is creating newsletter subscriptions. This builds a continuous list of email addresses, thus bringing in more customers.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization is the science that fosters improved results in the engines. These have always been a major way to get traffic.

For this reason, webmasters need to do in-depth research and website optimization to get better traffic. Using tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs can help you to do your job easily.

Improve page load speed: 

Search engines such as Google and Bing have developed an algorithm that promotes sites that load quickly.

By optimising picture size, creating clean code, avoiding redirects, and investing in customized hosting, you may improve the page load performance of your blog as well.

Optimize for Mobile: 

As the number of people using mobile devices increases, it's important that you optimise your blog for mobile.

Search engines are also penalized non-mobile-optimized websites by decreasing their search engine ranks.

The term includes all within its arena but it is not that much tricky to get acquainted with it.

However, if you cannot spare time for that, then you can hire any professional SEO Company and employ them to do the job.

Website Contents Must be Updated Regularly:

The very early process for any website begins with the smart creation of content along with the right kind of keywords. In terms of SEO, content reigns over other aspects.

If the website content is rich and frequently revised, it can not only drive in more traffic visiting your site on a regular basis but also let your website stand out in the major search engine results.

Viral Marketing:

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is considered as one of the best traffic generation tools mainly because of two reasons - it is highly reliable and is very cost-effective.

With viral marketing, people are allowed to access and use a free product or service in order to increase their marketing rates quickly on the internet.

If you are planning to use viral marketing in promoting your business, the very first thing that you need to identify is a firm and realistic viral marketing strategy that will give you the best possible results for your online business.

But if you are like most amateur online marketers that have no idea where you start, the best thing that you can do is to make a little research about some of the most effective strategies that have worked for other organizations.

The more research that you do, the more information you will gather and the more idea you get about how to create a viral marketing strategy that works.

High-Quality Content: 

Good content pulls good traffic like a magnet. High-quality content is defined as articles that focus on solving problems and providing value to your readers.

High-quality articles are also acknowledged by Google, which places them at the top of the search engine results, ensuring that you get a lot of traffic. Here are some examples of how you can create high-quality content:

Focus on your niche and add value:

It's important that you write content about the topics that most interest you. Your passion will motivate you to produce quality content on a regular basis that will benefit your readers.

Your main goal should be to provide unique solutions to your target audience's problems. 

This method will establish you with the exception of the competition and ensure that you receive consistent traffic.

Research Keywords: 

You must be aware of what your audience is sharing and discussing. This is when keyword research comes in very handy. 

Keywords will guarantee that your research is targeted and that you create content that is relevant to your target audience.

The proper amount of keywords used naturally throughout the article will also help your blog's SEO.

Write Head-Turning Headlines: 

Catchy titles will attract readers to read your content. Make sure your article is misleading because it is the first thing a visitor will notice about your blog.

Experiment with many titles to find which works best for each blog post. Use a variety of media content types: Use images and videos to help your blog post stand out. 

Any complex content that can be expressed as an image will be easier to understand for your readers. Explainer videos also provide a lot of value to the article and help reduce bounce rates.

Verify your findings: 

Only if you can back up your content with sufficient research will it be taken seriously. 

Sharing statistics or resources from reputable third-party websites will reassure the reader that you've done your research before making a conclusion.

Interlinking (Inbound Links): 

If you want a visitor to stay longer on your site and read more of your blog articles, you should use the interlinking method.

This method is including links to other posts on your site that are relevant to the reader, providing them extra content to read.

The visitor will be able to evaluate your whole effort on the blog rather than simply your most recent blog article if the interlinking is done effectively. Check out Wikipedia for some amazing examples of interlinking.

Create an XML sitemap

Create an XML Sitemap to help search engines better understand your website's structure.

If your website is brand new, manually submit it to Google and the other major search engines.

Look for opportunities to have your website's content featured (external blogs, local listings, etc.).

Use Offline Promotion

For increasing FREE website traffic, offline promotion is commonly underestimated.

But it's also a way to get free traffic. Printing your site's URL on your firm's business cards and souvenirs, or sticking it on your company vehicles,.

You can also sponsor any small get together with banner mentioning your website. These are three conventional offline methods to promote your site.

You can also start selling T-shirts and other products with your logo to increase the site traffic.

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