Quillbot Review

QuillBot Review

QuillBot is a program that allows you to rewrite professional-looking articles for a blog.

It is a good alternative to the traditional style of writing a blog which takes long hours.

The program integrates with your existing system and automatically paraphrases your copy, duplicated, and other sentences.

So, you can publish these articles without depending upon the freelancer article writers.

It also allows you to paraphrase your article by providing various modes of paraphrasing to re-write, wiz. :

  • Formal: Text is presented in a more refined and professional manner.
  • Standard : Text is presented in a way that most people can comprehend.
  • Creative: expresses ideas in novel ways that may alter their meaning.
  • Shorten: Removes unnecessary words to offer a concise message.
  • Expand : Sentence length by adding additional detail and depth.
Quillbot paraphraser

QuillBot is an easy program to use, especially for those who are beginners and not very expert blog or article writers.

Why Quillbot Pro

QuillBot is a simple program to use, especially for individuals who are new to blogging or writing articles.

Quillbot Free and Premium

Quillbot Pro's Pros (Benefits)

  • Boost your productivity.
  • To finish writing faster, write more words at once.
  • All modes are accessible.
  • You'll have complete control over how you paraphrase.
  • Check for plagiarised content.
  • Unlock the Plagiarism Checker to ensure that all sources are attributed and that nothing is plagiarized unintentionally.
  • At the same time, compare all mode outputs.
  • Compare all seven modes at the same time.QuillBot has various mode of rewriting articles that helps you create effective articles.
  • The website is free to use and has a variety of tools to help you write and publish your blog post quickly.
  • QuillBot has a content/article Paraphraser course that helps you create an SEO-friendly article and reach your audience.
  • QuillBot is an SEO Tool website that helps you write your book/blog article and get it published in hard copy or in a blog post.
  • The website is free to use and has a variety of tools to help you write and publish your book quickly.

QuillBot Cons

  • Free Subscription as limited  facilities.
  • only 125 words can be paraphrased at a time.
  • Only 2 modes of paraphrase (Standard and Fluency)
  • Only 20 pages can be scanned in Pro plan

Moneyback Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the services provided by QuillBot, you can cancel you plan within 3 days of your activation of Plan.


The QuillBot is a product that can help you write your story / idea in a very short period of time.

They are also a great way to market your Magazine and make it more successful. However, there are some downsides to the QuillBot.

One of the downsides is that the QuillBot is not pocket friendly for students. It can cost up to $50 yearly. It is easy to use for everyone.

But if you are looking for a simple way to write your blog post, this can be the best option for you.

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