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Bigrock Review India 2021 - Bigrock Hosting Review

BigRock is one of the largest hosting service providers in India. Many users in India use it for hosting services and domain name registration.

You will read hereabout BigRock Web host review and Bigrock VPS hosting review

BigRock was founded in India and later joined the Endurance International Group (EIG) technology company that helps bring all types of businesses to the online platform.

Along with its offices in India and the US, this hosting provider offers to host services on an international scale.

Patience, it is expanding its operations in America. It has a plethora of schemes to attract new customers.

It has some great features. The plethora of Linux and Windows plans, its own site builder, and super-affordable plans always attract people to its service.

What is BigRock ?

BigRock returned to the web hosting service in 2010. It has very fast made its number of customers more than 60 lakhs till now.

Today, it is counted among the largest web host providers and domain registrars in India.

Features and ease of use

BigRock offers a full range of low-cost hosting solutions including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, cloud solutions, SiteLock services, domain name registration services, and backup solutions.

There are two types of shared hosting solutions:

  • Linux hosting Plans : (Starter, Advanced, Business, and Pro) and 
  • Windows hosting Plans : (Essential, Premium, Business, and Pro).

They come with the following standard features:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited website and E-mail Address
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Cloudline CDN
  • cPanel / Plesk Control Panel
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4
  • Softaculous Single-Click Installer

BigRock uses both the Varnish cache that stores the most visited posts by visitors and the globally distributed Cloudflare CDN.

These technologies work together to ensure fast page loading times and assist websites handle large traffic..

Automatic Backup is powered by CodeGuard. And there are backup plans available.

BigRock Shared Hosting Plans


  Click Here : to know more about BigRock Shared Hosting

BigRock's top-line hardware is installed in the main data center US data centre(s). Uses state-of-the-art equipments to ensure fast page loading speed.

It uses Dell rack servers with Xeon processors and SSD storage. You get a better 99.9% uptime guarantee.

BigRock Support and Pricing

Web hosting plans are quite affordable in terms of performance, but you will need a minimum plan of at least one year (and up to a maximum of ten years).

That's why the 30-day money-back guarantee might sound appealing to you. However, you have to follow a very long and tedious process to get your money back.

BigRock's 24/7/365 technical support team can be contacted via telephone/mobile, ticket system or live chat.

But email facility is not provided. I've seen some customer complaints about poor support, but most of the reviews have heard praise from live chat agents for support.

Best Domain Service Providers for Small and New Businesses

I have my website up and running because of BigRock's domain name, great prices and transfers went quickly. I am glad that I chose this one over other hosting providers because they have a huge support team that takes care of your problems and tries to solve them efficiently.

Prasanna G.S.

Bengaluru29th Dec. 2020

Stay Away from BigRocks

I bought a VPS from BigRock and within 1 day after setup quota settings on WHM panel the server crashed by novice employees of the company. They rebooted the server and the server settings didn't get reinstalled. Till now 3 days have passed, I have contacted them many times on live chat but not getting any proper update from their support team. I am disappointed now. I will definitely change my hosting..

Samyak Agrawal,

New Delhi, 8th Dec. 2020

A Good Domain Provider Still Hosting

It takes special care of the convenience of the customer.

So I picked .blogs along with .in and .com domains for my clients. It was a wonderful experience talking to its customer support team who are ready to assist you round the clock. Overall, I think they are a good brand, but when it comes to hosting, they don't have much to offer in the pricing bracket.

Kasan Ali

Bhopal,  10th Jan. 2021

BigRock is one of the few web hosting companies that offer budget-friendly low-cost hosting solutions with state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure.

There are reports of poor customer support but praise for strong customer support can also be found on the website.

Essentials - Uptime, Speed, Support

After logging in to BigRock, I tested three things for the first time and found that it had fast and decent loading times.

Its support system is also commendable, although the uptime is a bit weak which needs to be improved.

Unsatisfactory Uptime - 99.78%

When your website goes live, you want it to be live 24 hours a day or as long as possible.

A variety of server related events can be enough to cause a website to crash, the biggest obstacle will probably be server downtime.

By the way, almost all the website has to face the problem of downtime occasionally. A faulty network switch can cause multiple server machines to down.

Being prepared for every possible eventuality is a challenging step for a website hosting server.

In this cut-throat competition, some companies are ready to offer greater convenience than others. High uptime reflects a well-organized infrastructure and a reliable setup.

BigRock's uptime is not very good but it is satisfactory. During the testing months, the servers averaged an availability of 99.78% with room for improvement.

Each month, you may expect nearly an hour and a half of downtime. This is definitely a positive result, as we know that 99.9% uptime is expected from the best hosting providers.

Its website mentions an uptime guarantee, but nothing is mentioned in the legal documents.

It is not obliged by law to maintain a certain level of uptime. This is good for the company but not good for the customers.

BigRock shared hosting is popular in India and contrary to its claims, there is no uptime guarantee.

Excellent Speed

Its speed is as fast as the speed of lightning. In terms of website loading speed, BigRock can even beat Bluehost, the most reliable hosting company from India.

Its shared hosting plan handles heavy traffic better.

Its frontend is very fast, and the backend can handle heavy workloads. If you want a fast and local server, click to go to BigRock.


The reliability of any web hosting depends on its server maintenance and customer support system. If you need help you should always have a support team ready to assist you from the company.

Its support team is full of experts and always ready to suggest solutions to the problem.

The most prominent here is live chat. A new window opens with the email ticket form in it. Boasts 24/7 chat support which is sometimes unavailable.

In this condition you still have phone or ticketing options available to use.

Specialized for clients in India, Big Rock has a local support team that you can take advantage of. You can call the toll-free number at any time and chat with the company's engineer.

Its supporting agents are all courteous and knowledgeable. If you face any problem while creating WordPress site then you can contact us for help.

They have a special interest in solving your problem and they do everything possible to provide solutions. Solving more complex problems takes a little longer.

You really can't expect much from Frontline Support to know everything, though, and you'll get satisfactory suggestions.

Pros of BigRock 

BigRock Hosting has a lot of features to attract the users. This feature sets it apart from any web hosting companies.

CloudLinux Account Isolation

CloudLinux is an increasingly popular plan among shared hosting providers. It has several advantages over the traditional Debian/CentOS/Ubuntu setup.

It uses a technology called CageFS to place each client account in a kind of virtual cage. The accounts are very well separated from each other and from the base software of the server.

This determines how many resources each account can access. This means that the BigRock customer support team does not require resource accounting or continuous monitoring.

Access to the resources you purchase is practically guaranteed.

Another distinctive obstacle with shared hosting is that hackers gaining access to a shared account can often also gain access to the main configuration files of the server.

One bad site can be a threat to the security of the entire hosting server.

CageFS solves this as well. Even if hackers gain access to another user's poorly configured site, it will not affect your website.

Frankly speaking, resource integrity and security are better with CloudLinux.

DIY Website Builder

If you are ignorant of HTML coding and want an easy way to build a website, BigRock has the solution - "DIY Website Builder."

  Visit BigRock for More Details about Website Builder

This adds to the beauty of BigRock which is nothing short of a pleasant surprise. It performs better than most similar website builders.

You can move the content blocks from one place to another according to your design with the help of your mouse with the drag and drop feature.

This explains the difference in getting a quick and great design. The dashboard also lets you preview whether your site is mobile-friendly or not and how it looks on mobile.

BigRock website builder makes it easy to design an attractive and mobile responsive website.

There are many readymade design options available that are nothing less than a pleasant surprise. It's very easy to add advanced features like page-wide images. You can also go to the part of it with the help of the builder's code editor.

It lets you input your own CSS or edit the theme source code. Most website builders do not allow such fundamental changes, so BigRock's platform is a real gift to developers.

For your convenience, a drag-and-drop website builder is provided which is SEO-friendly.

You can easily manage things like meta tags, redirects, sitemaps, etc. They're standard tools that can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you want to create a website of your choice without knowing the code, then with the help of its website builder, you can create a mobile responsive, tablet responsive, and desktop responsive website.

Email Facility

The convenience of email is icing on the cake especially if you run a business website. You can get a customized email address to make yourself appear more professional.

Apart from this, website visitors often need some kind of contact, then this professional email address works to get in touch.

Comodo SSL Re-Seller

Like most site hosting providers, BigRock lets you automatically encrypt your domain with a free SSL.

Money-back Guarantee

Refunds can be a last resort if you don't like the service, but they are an important part of any service. A stipulated money-back policy term gives you the time to test out its service risk-free.

BigRock Hosting comes with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives you the time to check out its hosting service to see how the platform works, whether you are satisfied with its service or not.

Five Year Membership

If used properly, it can be a profitable deal.

Most hosting providers offer attractive subscriptions for one to three years instead of paying you monthly.

So you pay more now but your expenses come down when you take a long-term plan.

Choosing a long-term plan gives you more benefits with less expense. For example, you can pay just Rs 14,000 for the smallest plan and be leisurely for 5 years.

That's all you have to pay attention to about renewal in 2026. Register a domain for ten years, and you forget about paying for a decade and do your job.

Cons of BigRock 

It has many attractive features, yet I found a few things, which if improved, can make

BigRock better. Here's what you need to know before buying its plan:

No monthly payment allowed

BigRock gives you the option of a longer-term, but if you want to pay monthly then here

No Monthly Payment Facility 

Some Indian web hosting company allows you to pay month to month depending on your budget.

But the shortest tenure of the two smaller plans of BigRock is one year, while the larger plans have the facility of quarterly payouts.

Most digital marketers opt for longer tenure plans to get higher discounts. Though it would be good to have the option of the monthly payment.

Limited Features

BigRock has some good tools on its platform. But it does not provide all the features with the sub-plan. Apart from this, it lacks some standard facilities.

For example, its plans lack an automatic backup solution. For automatic backup, you have to pay extra to get the facility of the backup add-on CodeGuard.

This is a better solution. Although it is very easy to get a free daily backup for cPanel/Plesk accounts, you have to do a manual backup.

BigRock does try to charge some extra for automatic backups. This is a shortcoming of BigRock while many hosting providers offer free daily backup.

No Migration Service

One of the biggest drawbacks of this is the lack of a site migration service. If it has full confidence that all the clients are satisfied with its service then it should keep improving its service day by day.

The Paid website transfer option is also not provided. Still, if you want to transfer then you have to take the help of an expert for which you will also have to pay.

If you already have one or more websites, it is better to buy web hosting from a host with a free migration service.

Unclear Resource Limits

The convenience of "unlimited" hosting is one of the most controversial topics on the Internet.

Many hosting providers, including Big Rock, allow a limited amount of resource usage.

You can use its resource as long as you do not abuse the features (for example, the use of hosting storage).

The question that arises is what happens when your website becomes more popular and starts using more CPU and RAM than the limit due to more traffic.

So in such cases, hosting providers ask you to upgrade the plan for which you will have to pay extra, else your website will get slow and the website response time will increase.

If you're looking to upgrade, it's hard to know when to upgrade or which plan you should upgrade to now.

For this, you have to take care of the website traffic yourself and decide for yourself that an upgrade is necessary to handle the heavy traffic.

BigRock - Plans at a Glance 

BigRock has four exclusive shared hosting plans. All except the smallest plan offer "unlimited" resources and the same features. It is not under an ideal structure, but its plans are cheaper than the service.

The point to be noted here is that all the plans are on a resource-sharing basis. If you want to host multiple websites then you can choose the bigger plan.

According to the Tech Expert team, your website can support around 25,000-30,000 monthly visitors which is satisfactory.

If the traffic of your website is crossing the limit, then you will be a better option to choose VPS hosting starting from Rs.399/month.

  Do we recommend BigRock service ?

BigRock web hosting is a great and sensible option if you need one of the best host providers in India.

Its excellent speed and support system are commendable, and it includes many important features, the most important of which is its powerful and great website builder.

Please Click to go to BigRock Website 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The only difference is the server's geographical location. The latency of a website is determined by the location of the server (i.e. the load-time of your site for you or your clients). The India server location is excellent if your visitors are from the Indian subcontinent or the Asia-Pacific area. If your visitors are from the United States or adjacent nations, a U.S. server location might be preferable.

All resources are shared between websites under a shared web hosting service, making it a cost-effective solution, especially for small enterprises. Cloud hosting has numerous advantages and might be considered advantageous. The flexibility of cloud technologies aids scalability in the event of traffic spikes. Furthermore, full SSD storage improves performance and stability. Finally, dedicated RAM and CPU are available for resource-intensive websites.

While there are many factors that determine your choices, some server-side apps require particular Linux or Windows compatibility. Windows Shared Hosting is a suitable choice for applications written in ASP, ASP.NET, IIS, or MSSQL. Linux hosting is great for HTML/CSS, PHP, and ordinary WordPress websites.

You can create your website in a number of ways. Your Linux Shared Hosting plan includes Softaculous, a script library that facilitates the installation of web programmes such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others. You can also upload custom code written in PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML/CSS, and other languages.

Yes, you can migrate from another web hosting company to BigRock for your Linux Shared Web Hosting package. Simply follow the methods outlined in this article. Please contact our customer service staff for more information.

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