Best affiliate programs for bloggers in India 2021

best affiliate programs for beginners

Best affiliate programs in India

If you are interested in digital marketing and looking to earn some passive income, then Affiliate marketing is among the best options available in India.

Top Affiliated Programs in India are those that gives you smart earning. Best affiliate programs India allow you to make money online every time when a sale is generated through your affiliate link.

For some affiliate programs website is not required. If you manage a website, it is more beneficial for you to join most of the programs.

You have to sign-up for an affiliate or referral program by registering and creating an account.

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the biggest industries. It is used by thousands of professional bloggers to generate crores of money in a single month.

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is a great source of passive income. So if you’re looking to earn money by creating sales, you’re in the right place.

There are several affiliate programs in India and abroad. By signing up for affiliate programs and networks in India, you can start earning.

Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce company. You can easily become an affiliate of Amazon by fullfilling it general criteria.

Using your existing general Amazon account, you join up for Amazon's affiliate marketing programme of any country.

You can use Sitestripe to effortlessly add links to your website after joining up for the programme.

Amazon also allows you to create customised links to any product of your choice, including text links, text and image links, and image only links.

Depending on the product category, the commission offered ranges from 0.2 percent to 10%. Amazon's affiliate programme pays you a commission on any additional products purchased by the user after clicking on your affiliate link.

For example, if you are promoting a Gas Stove and a user clicks on the link but then navigates and purchases an induction stove, you will still receive commissions because you are sending traffic to Amazon.


  Low and minimum payout upto Rs. 1000

  You have million of product to choose from

  Amazon is used most for online purchase

 You get commission purchased through your link by un-linked persons


   Cookies duration is only 24 hours.

  Many products offers upto 0.2% commission

  You have to join different Amazon program separately 

Flipkart is one of India's top e-commerce companies. Referral payouts on Flipkart are different for desktop/mobile websites and mobile apps. Depending on the category, the average commission offered is between 6% and 20%.

Flipkart also provides affiliate tools such as banners, widgets, and APIs to help you list Flipkart discounts and goods on your own website or app.

Flipkart provides real-time reports that allow you to track the performance of referral links and conversions.


  Low and minimum payout upto Rs. 1000

  You have million of product to choose from

  Flipkart is used most Indian for online purchase

 You get commission of all products purchased through your link by anyone


   Cookies duration is only 24 hours.

  Many products offers upto 0.2% commission

  They have limited earning slots

Cuelinks is an excellent affiliate marketing network that places affiliate links on your website automatically. It is extremely useful for bloggers that manage thousands of affiliate links.

Simply download and instal the Cuelinks WordPress plugin. It will take care of the rest for you.. 

Let's imagine you made an article about the Samsung microwave oven. Cuelinks will create an affiliate link to the relevant term automatically.

If you use WordPress, Cuelinks provides a free WordPress plugin that streamlines the procedure.


  Low and minimum payout upto Rs. 500

  It converts all high traffic keywords into links.

  You can use link of Flipkart, Amazon and others if not have Associate account.

▲  You get commission of all products purchased through your link by anyone


   Cookies duration is only 24 hours.

  Many products offers upto 0.2% commission

  Payout is easy through Cheque and Bank Account Transfer

EarnKaro, backed by Mr. Ratan Tata, allows users to make money by posting offers from prominent online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many others.

Simply copy the link from one of our partner shopping sites, paste it into EarnKaro, and share it with your friends and family.

Ideal for stay-at-home moms, students, and anybody else seeking for a way to make money from home.

EarnKaro has a Rs. 10 minimum balance requirement. You may simply transfer your commission into your bank account once your amount crosses Rs. 10 balance


   Low and minimum payout just Rs. 10

   It converts all high traffic keywords into links.

   Use link of Tata Cliq, Flipkart, Amazon and others if not have Associate account.

▲   Always inform you about Promotional sale by mail and SMS


   Cookies duration is only 24 hours.

   Many products offers upto 0.2% commission

   Earning updates take months

   Payout is easy through Cheque and Bank Account Transfer

Share A Sale is regarded as one of the largest affiliate networks, as well as one of the most user-friendly affiliate networks. 

Approximately 3900 merchants are currently available on the ShareAsale platform, with over 1000 of them being exclusive to the ShareAsale platform.

ShareASale has been around for 18 years and gives you access to thousands of merchants who offer hundreds of thousands of products and services through which you can earn money as an affiliate.

The benefit of using this platform is that it provides you with all of the necessary information about the affiliate products.


   Low and minimum payout $50

   Thousand of products available to choose.

   Beginners friendly affiliate

▲   Always inform you about Promotional sale by mail and SMS


   Outdated dashboard.

   Broken link error

   A separate registration for different companies.

With over 18,000 affiliates, vCommission is one of India's oldest affiliate networks. Agoda, Myntra, AliExpress, and SnapDeal are just a few of the biggest e-commerce brands that vCommisson works with.

The platform now includes over 14,000 publishers, making it India's largest affiliate network.

The platform's minimum payment barrier is Rs 5,000/$100, and it pays publishers on a 30-day cycle. Your site must solely provide English language material to be eligible for vCommission's lead programme.


   Monitor real time track of your earning.

   The fastest growing affiliate network.


   Minimum Payout is higher than others.

   It was designed for experience holder.

   Minimum Payout is Rs. 5000/$100.

Admitad is a global affiliate network with thousands of brands and publishers from all over the world. It is German based company.

In India, Admitad collaborates with well-known companies such as Samsung, Tata Cliq, and Publishers can also monetise their communities' social networking accounts, YouTube channels, messengers, email newsletters, and other traffic sources with Admitad.

Publishers can monetise their content using a range of business models from Admitad, including contextual advertising, discount and promo codes, banner advertising, and more.

Bank cards, Payoneer, and PayPal are among the withdrawal options available on the website.


   Transparency between merchant and affiliate.

   Provide training to affiliate marketers.

   Opportunity to affiliate for International brands


   Stop any affiliate programs even a single marketers violated the rules.

   Don't have facility to see traffic details.

   You don't have option to choose advertisers

DGM is India's largest digital advertising network. To begin earning money, you can sign up as an affiliate publisher and choose the campaigns you want to work with.

The amount of money you make as a commission varies from campaign to campaign.

Some advertisers may pay you a percentage of sales, while others will charge you a flat rate. Affiliates who go above and above are rewarded with bonuses and incentives.


   Keeps Cookies for 30 days.

   Timely payout

   Bonus and incentives for well performer


  Little payout issue.

   No measure problem reported yet

NOTE : Currently DGM India has technical Issue with its Operation

With 14 locations throughout the world, CJ Affiliate is one of the most well-known affiliate networks in the world.

It has partnered with well-known companies such as Go Pro, Barnes & Noble, and Office Depot, to name a few.

CJ helps publishers get the most out of their affiliate connections. It is also cookie-less tracking, ensuring continuous tracking and commissioning across all devices and situations even when a CJ cookie is not present.


   A long list of merchant to choose.

   Link generation is simple

   Dashboard is interactive and easy to use


   Complicated dashboard is difficult for new user

   Minimum payout is $50 and $100 (via cheque).

Optimise is a major global performance-marketing network that has helped its clients generate over $1 billion in revenue. 

PayTM, Samsung, Amazon, and Agoda are just a few of the prominent brands that Optimise works with.

If your website receives a significant amount of traffic from outside India, the Optimise affiliate network will undoubtedly assist you in expanding your reach. has recently partnered with top brands such as Archies Online and Recharge It Now! Policy Advisors, Aviva, Clovia, and nexGTv are a few more names to consider.

With high recommendations in five different categories at the Performance Marketing Awards, is undoubtedly a household name in the industry.

With their dedication and passion, the future of appears bright. Their dedicated account managers can be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to optimising market performance.


   They all varieties of affiliate clients.

   Launches exclusive offers time to time


   Not simple to become affiliate

Impact helps organisations scale every sort of partnership, including affiliates, influencers, key business partners, mobile apps, and publishers, through Partnership Automation.Impact's Partnership Cloud automates every stage of the partnership

lifecycle for all sorts of relationships, including discovery, recruitment, onboarding, engagement, and optimization.

Impact was founded in 2008 in Santa Barbara, California, and now boasts over 750 workers and twelve offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Impact Radius was its previous name.


   Dedicated affiliate management dashboard.

   User-friendly towards new affiliates

   Huge database of affiliates and companies

   Seamlessly keep track of our relevant outreach and partner response


   Lack of background check and sales channel details

   Create a direct link to a partner

   Impact support issue

Rakuten Marketing is a well-known affiliate marketing company. The largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network is Rakuten.

Rakuten provides instructional materials and training to new publishers to help them kick-start their commissions.

Links text, Banners, including revolving banners, Search boxes, Customized deep linking, and Flex links are all options for monetizing your content on Rakuten. If the platform's minimal level is met, weekly payments are made.

It is a global brand that allows thousands of merchants and affiliate marketers to work together. Some of the most well-known brands, such as Best Buy and Walmart, can be found.

There are numerous options available here, but if you are looking for profitable and variable options, you should avoid this one.


   It has features like easy ad rotation.

   Associated with International brands like Walmart and Best Buy


   Dashboard should be improved

   Not much varieties for affiliate

The eBay affiliate programme, also known as the eBay Partner Network (EPN), is a way for people to earn money by referring people to eBay. 

Bloggers, YouTubers, marketers, and influencers use affiliate links to promote eBay products.

Affiliates can earn commissions when customers click on those links and purchase products (or referral fees).

Assume you'd like to promote toasters on your food blog. You would choose a few toasters to recommend, create affiliate links for them, and then place those links on your blog.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can include links to it in your description.


   Its landing page is informative

   Only $10 Payout threshold 

   Millions of listing of products globally


   Low commission mainly 1-5%

   Cap on commission limit.

   Mainly for big affiliaters

ClickBank is one of the largest online sales platforms. Entrepreneurs founded the company in 1998, and it now has over 200 million customers worldwide.

Over the years, ClickBank has earned a solid reputation among bloggers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers.

Sign up as a ClickBank Vendor to host, promote, and sell your digital goods. Alternatively, you can become an affiliate and earn passive income by promoting a variety of digital and information-based products on your website or blog.


   Provides training for beginners

   Well established affiliate network

   Timely Payments

   Provides Digital, Video and Photo Editing Tools 


   Big Threshold amount of $100

   Dash board is much outdated.

   Lot of Poor quality products

   Forceful and lucrative sales tactics

Essentially, you make money by recommending Shopify. Shopify offers you a 200 percent commission every time a new customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

it is becoming popular for old affiliate marketers,  being experience holder they can easliy earn money through these platforms. 

It is dependent on the products you intend to market. For promoting physical things, I suggest Amazon Affiliates.

The Shopify affiliate programme, on the other hand, is one of the highest-paying affiliate programmes for digital products that I currently use.


   Massive commissions for qualified leads

   provides priority support

   High conversion to sales

   High ticket sale potential


   You can be banned even for little violation

   It is not a Recurring commission

   WordPress and Woo-commerce are tough competitors

Hostgator is a multinational web hosting platform and web hosting-related services provider.

The HostGator Affiliate Program is a programme that allows bloggers and website owners to earn money by marketing's web hosting services in exchange for a commission for each new customer they bring in.

Hostgator has a tiered payout system that increases your chances of earning more income on each sale. Qualified sales are paid out every 2 months + 10 days after the month in which the sale happened.

Note : Although the HostGator affiliate programme is legitimate and offers a good commission structure, it has a number of drawbacks that may make your efforts in marketing their services worthless, such as numerous customer complaints about customer care.


   Upto $125 per hosting signup

   Long cookie duration.

   Facility to create Discount Codes

   Wide range of products to attract the customers


   Poor after sale support may down your credit 

   minimum 70 days payout duration

   Poor customer review make it tough to promote

BigRock is India's most popular domain registrar and web hosting provider. Tracking is used by the affiliate programme to track and reward sales made through the affiliate URL.

BigRock's tracking cookie is good for 60 days. Big Rock's affiliate programme is impossible to overlook, with commissions as high as INR 10,000 per sale.

Simply advertise Big Rock's many products and services to earn a ludicrous amount of commission every sale.

Check out our in-depth study of the Big Rock affiliate programme to learn what makes it such a successful web hosting affiliate programme.

BigRock also provides add-on services such as email hosting, website builder, and digital certificates in addition to domain registration and web hosting.

Depending on the goods sold, the normal fee starts at Rs 30 and can go up to 30% of each sale.


   Brilliant banner inventory

   Cookies is restored for 60 days

   Timely Payments

   Access to exclusive offers


   Commission is not paid in many cases

Yatra is a famous Indian travel booking website where visitors may book flights, hotels, vacations, activities, buses, trains, and other transportation options.

Its platform is similar to many others in its industry in that it compares bookings, but it adds an extra layer that combines excursions and extras.

Yatra frequently provides promos and specials, such as 10% off airfares and 40% off hotels. The website has a library and a social platform where users may share travel information, debates, and bargains.

Yatra's affiliate programme pays between 150 and 225 rupees per referral for its travel and hotel deals and promotions.


   Quick and Easy approval

   Variable commision system

   Suitable for Trvel blog


   This type of concept is new for India

   Provides limited affiliate options

Sovrn Commerce

Sovrn Commerce (formerly Vigilink) converts your usual outgoing links into affiliate links, and you receive a referral commission if users make a purchase.

You are not required to register for an individual affiliate account with each network.

VigLink keeps 25% of the earnings commission, while you keep 75%, which isn't terrible considering you were previously selling non-monetized connections.


   Payment within the due time Via Paypal

   Makes affiliate link look organic

   Completely SEO Friendly

   Supports various platforms


   Payout only by Paypal

  Sometimes redirects to broken links

Reseller Club is a leading reseller hosting provider in India. As a reseller associate, you may easily earn a minimum of Rs. 2,000 and a maximum of Rs. 8,000 for each referral.

Once you've signed up as an affiliate, you'll be given a unique affiliate ID with which you can manage your account and track your progress.

The tracking cookie is based on the last click and is valid for 60 days. Reseller club also offers a number of payment methods, including PayPal and bank transfer. A Rs 50 minimum payment amount is necessary.


   60 days tracking cookies

   Competitive commission

   Real time statistics

   Dedicated account manager


   You Don’t Have Complete Control

   Difficult for new user to compete on Price

Start your Monetizing journey

Now that you've learned about the top affiliate programmes in India, it's time to figure out which one is best for your content.

Make sure the affiliate network you choose offers relevant companies with products or services that your readers would want to buy.

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