Be alert, Coronavirus is Mobile Friendly

Yes, Coronavirus can infect your phone; how to sanitize it.

COVID-19 likes your phone; here's how to break the Chain.

The world is currently battling the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and with the pandemic showing no signs of abating.

It's critical to understand how to combat the virus in order to stop its spread in the Family, Locality, Nationwide as well as Internationwide .

Self-isolation and social distancing are great places to start, but there's more you can do. As much as we don't want to admit it, our phones are disgusting slabs of metal and glass that we are constantly in contact with.

With so many of us stuck at home. So, there is great chances, you are busy in playing mobile games,  browsing social media and so on. We're using our phone more than ever.

Phones have long been breeding sites for germs and other microbes, and the troublesome Coronavirus has taken up residence there as well.

Although there is still much to learn about COVID-19, scientists and doctors have been able to validate a few things. While we don't have a definitive answer for how long COVID-19 remains on surfaces, a few research offer us a good indication of what to expect.

COVID-19 can persist up to 72 hours on stainless steel and plastic, according to a study published in 'The New England Journal of Medicine'. COVID-19 only actively live to copper material for 4 hours, but cardboard holds the virus for roughly 24 hours.

The findings, according to the National Institutes of Health, "give critical information regarding the stability of SARS-CoV-2, which produces COVID-19 disease, and imply that people may contract the virus through the air or by touching contaminated things."

As time goes on, we'll likely discover much more about COVID-19, but for now, it's reasonable to state that it prefers to stick to surfaces and stay there for a certain period of time.

What you can do to prevent its spread?

With that in mind, we recommend everyone to regularly sanitize their phone. This is something you should have been doing all along, but it's more vital than ever in the COVID-19 era.

Sanitize doesn't mean, always use sanitizer to disinfect your phone. There are some more ways to clean. 

Here are some points to keep in mind if you don't know how to clean or disinfect your phone. Some tips are given below :

  • Don't use harsh chemical substance
  • Use warm water and soap to clean it
  • Better keeping off mobile while cleaning

To begin, stay away from cleaning products like Lysol/Clorox wipes, bleach, vinegar, and other harsh chemicals. These are fantastic for keeping your house clean, but they can mess with your phone.

Warm water is one of the most effective (and safe) ways to clean your phone. If it's made of plastic, all you have to do is lightly rinse it with warm water and soap, towel it off and let it air dry for a while.

If you do this, make sure your phone is water-resistant and stay away from the charging port and headphone jack. I'll suggest keep your phone in off mode to prevent it from any technical issue in phone.

Picking up some phone wipes is another option. These can be used on your phone's screen as well as the rest of its body to keep it clean without exposing it to harsh chemicals or water. This is the way I use to clean my phones, and it is by far the most effective.

It's up to you how often you clean your phone, but if you have the time, we recommend doing so at least once a week. 

If you don't leave the house, you can probably get away with not cleaning it as often, but if you do have to go out for groceries or gas, we recommend cleaning it as soon as you get home.

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