Pegasus malware

How to detect Pegasus Spyware

the PrintWhat is Pegasus softwarePegasus first made headlines in 2019 when some journalists and activists found that the spyware had hacked their phones. Table of Contents 1What is Pegasus softwareHow does Pegasus hack a phone?Who needs to be concerned about Pegasus?How to detect Pegasus Spyware?How to get rid of Pegasus Spyware?Points to Remember About Pegasus: …

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OnePlus Nord CE 5g review and specification

OnePlus Nord CE 5G review

The 1+ Nord CE 5G equipped with nice design and feel.The smartphone stays true to its marketing slogan of “core edition,” rather than becoming a “compromised edition.” Table of Contents 1The 1+ Nord CE 5G equipped with nice design and feel.Technical SpecificationAbout PhoneCutting the Right CornersTime to Face the CameraShould You Buy it? Technical SpecificationModel‎OnePlus …

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What is ransomware

How to prevent Ransomware attack

What is Ransomware and how does it work?Ransomware is a sort of malware that prevents users from accessing their computers until they pay a ransom in the form of untraceable Bitcoin.It accomplishes this by encrypting a victim’s files until the attacker receives the amount demanded.Ransomware can be spread through a variety of methods, the most …

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Google Projects 2021

10 upcoming Google Projects

Google New Projects 2021I hope you’re all doing well throughout this pandemic. We’ll discuss ten large-scale Google alphabet projects. You may have never heard of it.When Alphabet became Google’s parent company in October of 2015, it underwent a massive reorganization.Projects such as Google Search Engines and Android were not part of Google’s core businesses. They …

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Best Pulse Oximter in India

Best Pulse Oximeter in India 2022

Best Oximeter in India 2021Pulse oximeters are an extremely important piece of home health equipment. While vital statistics like blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood pressure may not seem important to the general public.They help medical professionals gain a better understanding of your overall health, which is particularly important during this pandemic. In reality, earlier …

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